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ProCare opens a new office in Belgium! Starting from the first of March we will have a workspace at the Innovation Center in Leuven. With the opening of our newest office we will be able to further realize our growth in the Benelux. 

Common ground with Movement Sciences

Leuven is an obvious choice. “With the opening of our office in Leuven we will have direct presence in the three main cities of Movement Sciences in Netherlands and Belgium”, says managing director Harrie Baas. Last year we opened an office at the Olympic Stadium and we have our headquarters in Groningen of course. In the Movement Science cities we now have succesful collaborations with parties such as The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Amsterdam Institute of Sport Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Faculty of Movement Sciences and Human movement sciences student associations in Groningen and Amsterdam.

Not a stranger in Belgium

ProCare is certainly not a stranger in the Belgian country. “The Belgium market has been growing for ProCare in the last years, about 15% of our business is from Belgium,” says Baas. With The University of Leuven and University Hospital of Leuven being two of the top ten customers in the past three years. Customers with whom we have built up a good relationship in this period and with which we hope to enter into long-term partnerships as we have with our partners in Groningen and Amsterdam.

Partnering with To Walk Again

In March last year we signed a partnership with foundation To Walk Again. To Walk Again is a foundation that makes it possible for people with disabilities to exercise without any high costs involved. The To Walk Again post-rehabilitation centre REVAlution, which includes the new wheelchair ergometer and various HUR equipment, is located in the Academic Hospital Herentals. Last year we were also present at the REVA exhibition in Gent for the first time, where we presented the Lode Esseda wheelchair ergometer together with partner to Walk Again.

Belgian customers can go to our Belgian website on: This website has been specially created for Belgium. At it’s possible to have a webchat conversation with one of our employees, request productquotations, read the latest news and information about (new) products. For the time being, the site will only be available in Dutch (Flemish).

Representation of different brands

For some of our brands we have exclusive representation, also in Belgium. This applies, for example, to AlterG, HUR, Vicon, Lode and Microgate. The exclusivity means that we have short lines with suppliers so that we can switch quickly and deliver customized products when needed. In addition, we are locally present and we have many products in stock so we can deliver quickly. Finally, we guarantee our service when a device is defective and we provide support in the form of a user training, for example in the case of a brand like Vicon.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

Nothing changes for you as a customer. You can still expect the same service from us. Delivery continues to take place from our head office in Groningen. .